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How to Delete Inactive or Suspended Twitter Account May 30, 2019 How to Delete My Twitter Account From My Mobile Phone How to Delete My Twitter Account From My Mobile Phone. The Twitter mobile application does not allow users to delete their accounts, but you can accomplish this by deactivating your account. Effectively delete the Twitter account on your mobile phone by opening the account settings menu and choosing the “Deactivate” option. Twelve Reasons Why You Should NOT Delete a Disused Twitter Mar 08, 2016 How to delete Twitter Mobile - Quora

Jul 31, 2017

Delete Twitter: How to delete your Twitter account permanently Mar 27, 2020 How to deactivate your account - Twitter

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We have two options for deactivating a VSCO account:- Deactivate your VSCO profile but keep your VSCO account active - This action only deactivates your profile, including Grid, Collections or Journals. Your profile will no longer be accessible by any VSCO member.- Deactivate your VSCO account which includes your VSCO profile - This action deactivates your entire account — you will no longer I Didn't Deactivate My Twitter Account, I Only Ran Out Of Sep 14, 2019 How to Delete Your Twitter Account Jul 03, 2017