Sep 13, 2019

25 Best Film Directors of the 21st Century (So Far) by Jason Dietz, Find out below, where we rank this century's top filmmakers by their average Metascores. To be included, The 20 Best Movies of 2020 So Far. Next Up: The 20 Best Video Games of 2020 So Far. 20 photos. The greatest foreign-language films of the 21st Century Nov 08, 2018 Halloween: The 50 best horror movies this century to watch Sep 05, 2019 The 100 Greatest Movies Of The 21st Century: The Readers

Jan 01, 2020

The 25 Best Movies of the 21st Century (So Far) – Taste of And now, with all that said, here are the best films the 21st century has seen so far. Enjoy! 25. Caché (2005) Caché, the eighth film from Michael Haneke (and by the way, both 2009’s The White Ribbon and 2012’s Amour also rank with the century’s finest) uses surveillance and voyeurism as mechanisms for anxiety and suspense.

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Sep 13, 2019 The 100 Best Black Movies of the 21st Century In this guide to the best-reviewed African American movies of the 21st Century – that's from 2000 all the way to now – you'll find some of the most incredible voices working in movies today, and some of the most game-changing, industry-shaking films to hit theaters in decades. The 100 best films of the 21st century, according to 177 Aug 23, 2016