When tasked with documenting your SQL servers and databases, instead of beginning with a blank document, you can use a SQL server documentation template to get you started and make the process a little easier. Our SQL server documentation tool XIA Configuration automatically generates a PDF that can be used as a template. Below is an example:

The following configuration is appropriate for a 100s of users working on multiple projects with large files and data tables. We recommend placing the web server and the database server on different machines in order to optimize maintenance, update, and backup cadences. Machine #1: Web Server Installation and Deployment Guide The purpose of this document is to provide the System Administrator or any other technical stakeholder with a complete and easy to customize template designed specifically for the Technical Domain. It is intended to provide installation instructions to any stakeholder that has an interest or a role in the project. Download SYDI - Network documentation made easy Download SYDI SYDI-Server v.2.4. Download SYDI-Server SYDI-Server is a tool for documenting Windows computers To run the script: cscript.exe sydi-server.vbs (-h for help) Deprecated tools. The below tools are for older versions of Exchange, MS-SQL and Linux. They don’t currently work but are left online as … Windows Server 2012 Essentials Build document - TechNet Allowing Admin users to open multiple remote sessions on Windows Server 2012 You may set this via group policy, for example, in the server's local policy using gpedit.msc: Computer Configuration\ Administrative Templates\ Windows Components\ Remote Desktop Services\ Remote Desktop Session Host\ Connections\

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10. Virtual machine monitoring [Zabbix Documentation 5.0] The data gathered by VMware collector can be logged for detailed debugging using debug level 5. This level can be set in server and proxy configuration files or using a runtime control option (-R log_level_increase="vmware collector,N", where N is a process number).The following examples demonstrate how extended logging can be started provided debug level 4 is already set: Unable to generate the web server configuration file after Sep 03, 2014 Configure Automatic Certificate Enrollment and Renewal Via