In addition to the changes listed above, we developed HMA Job Aids to enhance the fiscal processes and outreach materials for homeowners and federally-recognized tribes to better serve their needs. Lastly, we have incorporated provisions to promote accessibility as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Job Aids (with Examples) Posted: (2 days ago) Job Aids (with Examples) “A job aid is a repository for information, processes, or perspectives that is external to the individual and that supports work and activity by directing, guiding, and enlightening performance.” —Rossett and Gautier-Downes, A Handbook of Job Aids, p. 45. Best Practices for HMA Best Practices for HMA Longitudinal Joints A Cooperative Effort between Asphalt Institute & FHWA Outline for Webinar Today •Introduction, Project •Density/ Performance/ Permeability •Construction Best Practices •Other Options/ New Products Don’t We Already Know How To Climate Resilient Mitigation Activities - Job Aids - Smart Aug 23, 2016 Faith Community Nursing (Parish Nursing) - Faith Health

Hazard Mitigation Assistance Cost Share Guide

Resources and Job Aids FEMA developed 23 resources job aids to assist in HMA program delivery, some examples are: o Homeowner’s Guide to the HMGP to answer some common questions that homeowners have about implementing post-disaster projects. o Federally-Recognized Tribes and Hazard Mitigation Grant Program to discuss Materials - TC3 Construction Employee Development Maintenance Materials Pavement Preservation Traffic and Safety Soils Testing Aggregates Treated & Untreated Bases HMA Field Testing (Virgin Mix &/or RAP) Recycling: Field In-Place (Hot or Cold) HMA Production & QA Labs (Including Mix Design) Cementitious Material (Low Density Fill, Shotcrete and Other Cementitious Materials) PCC Pavement Field Testing PCC

In January 2017, FEMA launched the Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) External Stakeholder Workgroup (ESWG). The HMA ESWG is comprised of representatives from FEMA regions, states, Indian tribes, territories, and local mitigation stakeholders who share their perspectives on HMA priorities, issues, and program resources, and help inform communication strategies on the HMA programs.

DESIGNING A JOB AID . Types of Job Aids. Job aids can be as small as a template on an answering machine or as large as a procedural manual. Allison Rossett and Jeannette Gautier-Downes, authors of . A Handbook of Job Aids, maintain that job aids serve to provide information, support procedures, as well as coach perspectives, decisions, and self- update of the BCA Toolkit software. The primary purpose of the HMA programs is to protect lives and reduce or eliminate future damage to property. Therefore, the BCA will include ecosystem services only if an activity is calculated to have a benefit-cost ratio (BCR) of 0.75 or greater using traditional risk reduction benefits. Notice of Funding Opportunity FY18 HMA Programs 26 Job Aids and Assistance Job Aids: (Check Lists) Acquisition and Relocation Job Aid Acquisition and Demolition Job Aid Elevatioin Job Aid Flood Risk Reduction Job Aid Technical Review Job Aid Supplements: Acquisition Technical Review Supplement No. T1.1 Elevation Technical Review Supplement No. T1.3