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Your guide to UK broadband providers BT Superfast uses phone lines that have VDSL (very high speed DSL) technology, meaning it is capable of delivering speeds of up to 67Mbps over short distances, with even faster speeds available in BT Openzone keeps logging me out - Apple Community Dec 14, 2010

Ive been using a BT Openzone access point for the last week and have just got an email saying ive passed my 8000 minutes and at reaching 10000 i'll have to log in every 30 mins etc. Just rang BT to query the usage and they say it is a true account. My current usage show it at 8660 minutes, which

Before you can connect to the internet by wireless, you need: Mobile device with wireless capabilities (e.g. laptop, tablet or smartphone) BT Broadband or BT Mobile (which comes with unlimited free BT Wi-Fi minutes) or a BT Openzone subscription or voucher. Aug 19, 2014 · This video demonstrates a way to get a wireless xbox 360 console connected to XBox Live, using a BT Openzone wifi connection. Apr 19, 2004 · Esat BT today announced that thousands of employees and visitors to Ireland's National Digital Park in Citywest, Co Dublin will be able to surf the web wirelessly using BT Openzone. BT Openzone is a leading provider of wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) access in public places (hotspots) such as cafe's, offices, airports and hotel's. By becoming a BT Openzone hotspot you can become one of the thousands of locations customers look for to get online - plus:

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Buy wi-fi access | BT Wi-fi Free BT Wi-Fi for BT Broadband and BT Mobile customers. With BT Broadband and BT Mobile, you get free access to the UK's largest wi-fi network - that means more than 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots. Connect for as long as you like and save your mobile data for when you really need it. Log in to hotspots using your BT … BT Openzone - Find wi-fi hotspots | BT Wi-Fi Thank you for visiting BT Wi-fi You may have lost your connection to the BTWiFi signal. Check your list of network connections or visit our web site for help .