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Fairy Tail OVA's | Funimation Forum Anime on Funimation Fairy Tail Fairy Tail OVA's Fairy Tail OVA's. This topic has been deleted. This is what I been told why many OVA don't get pick up by the company doing the anime for the English Dub. But not sure about Fairy Tail? I new to show I only on Ep. 61 for the English Dub. Fairy Tail Dubbed | AnimeOnline360 Sep 30, 2011

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And I’m on episode 165 of the dubbed Fairy Tail and the first time I watched it I completely missed Happy’s comment on where Erza was. Lucy: I bet she’s getting in a solo workout before tomorrows games. Happy: I don’t think she’s solo, but she is getting a workout. HAPPY WAS OPENLY SUGGESTING THAT JERZA WAS GETTING IT ON!! Feb 12, 2020 · Here, you can watch Fairy Tail English dubbed legally, especially with its complete collection of Fairy Tail in its roster. With 328 episodes on the list, AnimeLab offers these videos for free for viewers residing in Australia or New Zealand.

Funimation Delays Fairy Tail Part 4, Heaven's Lost Property Season 2 (Jan 31, 2012) North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 29-February 4 (Jan 31, 2012) North American Stream List: January

Aug 21, 2013 4 More Cast Members Join Funimation's Fairy Tail Dub Aug 09, 2014 [Discussion] Fairy Tail Animax Dub Hunt : fairytail Now I just really, really wanna hear the Fairy Tail the way I'm used to hearing it, in Animax Dub (or that awful English dub besides the Funimation one for all of the non-SEA people who don't know Animax). However, it's been a week now since I started searching for even a damn good episode, but no luck. All I found was Funimation's English dub. Where can you watch Fairy Tail episodes dubbed by Now, if you've read some of my previous answers, you may have noticed that I mention VRV quite often. And, yet again, I would recommend VRV if you want to watch Fairy Tail dubbed by Funimation. That's where I watched it, that's where my friends wa